Pre-Shipment Surveys

We carry out Pre-Shipment inspections of goods on behalf of clients. The purpose of this is to primarily verify that the goods conform to the contractual specification are packed according to required methods and are marked with necessary marking for the agreed quality and quantity and is conducted in cases prior to shipment to the exporting country.

After completion of the survey, we give suitable descriptive analysis relating to any visible damages of goods, physical defects, structural abnormalities that might be construed by the third parties as defects which may be developed after shipment.

Our surveyors are sufficiently competent to have the client’s terms of reference extended, if necessary, to permit their intervention with reference to stowage problems and other subjects giving rise to disputes which may develop during the course of loading.

Pre-shipment surveys show if the cargo was already damaged before loading and shipping.

Pre-shipment inspections and pre-loading surveys are included in the cargo condition survey.