Cargo Damage

When cargo is found damaged, it is necessary to find out the cause of damage and extent of damage for a claim for compensation.

This survey is known as damage surveys and numerous marine insurance companies hold us in high esteem.

Our marine services conduct damage surveys in different trade businesses ranging from damaged cargoes on ships to lesser damages on packed shipments in containers, packages etc.

Our cargo surveyors have a vast experience and training in damaged cargo surveys. The damages are professionally ascertained and reported for claim settlements.

As per requirements, pre insurance inspections / pre-shipment surveys are carried out in view of loss prevention measures.

Loss minimization surveys during discharging and delivery of import / export cargo at the ports and cargo terminals and survey of cargoes while stuffing / de-stuffing into / from containers at which ever points are attended and promptly reported as per requirements of the clients.

Lashing and stowing surveys are part of our cargo surveys in view of loss minimization efforts. If the client’s cargo has arrived damaged, we are at your disposal to protect your interest.