Claim settlements of losses under Bankers Blanket: Infidelity of Employees, Forged Cheques et al, On Premises, Counterfeit Currency, Plastic Cards (Counterfeited / Skimmed and or Stolen), Office & Contents, Securities et al, Cash in Safe, Cash in Transit, Plate Glass, Travel Insurance and Personal Accident.


As professional surveyors, we provide claim settlements in the following categories of insuring clauses:   

Banks and Financial Institutions recognize the risks associated with their operations and the exposures from within as well as external. It is therefore important that a risk transfer mechanism is set in place to safeguard against all the odds. The Banker’s Blanket Cover is purposely designed for the banks and financial institutions considering their unique needs for coverage. Bankers Blanket Cover covers various insuring clauses to encompass various contingencies to suit specific needs. The following the insuring clauses are covered against this policy coverage:


This clause provides coverage for any loss due to misappropriation or embezzlement by dishonesty of the insured’s own employee(s).


This clause provides coverage for loss &/or damage to insured’s property due to various perils including fire whilst in the premises where the insured carries on business and other specified places which should clearly be defined while opting for this clause. Some of other risks of this section are followed as under:-

  1. a) Cash in Safe and on counter
  2. b) Lockers


This clause provides coverage for loss &/or damage to insured’s property whilst in-transit to and from premises along the defined geographical area.


This clause provides coverage for loss caused due to forgery or alteration (forgery means the forging or fraudulent alteration of any document or the uttering of any forged or fraudulently altered document by the employee(s) whereby one obtains possession of monies or goods.) and Forged Cheques are also covered therein.


This clause covers securities of the insured (Stock, Certificates, Bonds, and other Governmental guaranteed authority stocks etc) whilst in insured premises or others due to loss &/or damage resulting from named calamities.


This clause provides coverage for loss resulting from the acceptance of counterfeit currency by the teller or other charged employee of the insured provided normal and standard procedures and precautions are fully exercised.


This clause provides coverage for loss &/or damage caused by fire and other perils to the office. The contents of the insured’s premises should specifically be named whilst opting for this coverage. Fixed assets and Computer Equipments are also part of this section.


We have well qualified professionals and most importantly our Chairman being a qualified Chartered Accountant from England & Wales have a unique knowledge of adjusting these types of claims. Him being an ex-banker, we all share a technical knowledge of a bank’s internal controls and measures and are acquainted with the required documentation, and adjusting the claim accordingly. Forged Cheques et al including fake documentation, losses raised from counterfeit / skimmed credit/debit cards are included in our services.