Machinery and Equipment used in various industrial operations are exposed to unforeseen or sudden mechan ical or electrical damage. Machinery Breakdown Policy covers machinery, plant and equipment in process industries, factories, engineering work-shops etc, against loss or damage due to electrical or mechanical breakdown, such as defects in casting and material, faulty design, bad workmanship, physical explosion, tearing apart on account of centrifugal force, short circuit, vibration, mal-adjustment, misalignment etc, except those specifically excluded under the policy terms.
Equipment breakdown has the potential to stop business activities, with serious consequences to its survival. Machinery Breakdown Insurance offers protection against these types of losses. The coverage is available on a stand-alone basis to cover Electrical and Mechanical breakdown, Breakdown risk for Electronic equipments and explosion / collapse, risk for Boiler/ Pressure vessels.

Covered equipment can include, but is not limited to: Gas and Steam Turbines; Engines, Pumps and Compressors; Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers; Switchboards and other electrical apparatus; Refrigeration and Air conditioning equipments; Computers / Servers / Printers; Steam Boilers & Pressure vessels.

A claim under a machinery breakdown insurance is lodged in case of sudden damage to all sorts of machines. For the handling of this type of claims our expert professionals has extensive technical knowledge in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, as well as aircraft techniques and others.

The claims usually concern damage to machineries and/or mechanical installations such as:

• Gas and steam turbines
• Wind turbines
• Combustion engines (both Gas & lube Oil)
• Aircraft parts / engines
• Power plants & Grid Stations
• All Kinds of Pumps
• Compressors (Pneumatic as well as Hydraulic)
• Generators
• Cooling Towers
• Steam boilers and waste gas boilers
• Incineration plants & textile plants
• Low voltage transmission LVT and high voltage transmission HVT installations (220 V / 380 KV)
• Transformers
• Substations
• Printing machines (both sheet and rotary printing presses)

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